Friday, July 13, 2012

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (Day 5)

It is Day 5 without my superheros. We all felt it this morning, especially Dodger. Just look at that face. Here he is on Shane's bed. I think because he got a little taste of kid action last night with our friend Chip..he really misses his boys. Tomorrow we pick them up! It has really been a wonderful week. I've done some of the things I wanted to do, not all of them. Today I really focused on relaxing.

My friend Becky and I got together this morning (this was the only reason I got out of my pjs!) and she cut my hair. I was so desperate. I love this woman. So she cut my hair and we had a sweet time of prayer too. How great is that? On my way home from her soul sister Lorrie said she would color my hair. (Mr. Incredible tells me I've got it made...he is girl friends are amazing!!) Since I spent some time getting pampered I decided to go home and finish the job. This is something I rarely do. (Possibly because I'm do busy doing laundry..not sure.)
I painted my nails...and is PINK! I am really changing. Never been a pink kind of girl...but now I carry a pink bag and have pink appendages.
 I knew we were gonna need some of this for dinner I took a picture. (you thought I was going to say cut some right? lol! no...Mr. Incredible is in charge of the herbs...and the food.) ;)
He came home from school and wanted to go for a walk on the beach. YES! We missed saying..."Come on's getting late Kyle...can you walk a little faster buddy?!" Kyle is our "attention to detail" kind of when we go for takes a LONG time. We stopped in a few shops on Flagler Ave. (You know...a coffee shop, Go Fish...ummm...well, maybe that is it...oh no Manzanos pick up Mr. Incredible's pay check.)

We stopped and stood, feet in the water, silent. It was glorious. Holding hands, thanking God for such an amazing backyard..just look at that! Ahhh!!!
Came home and Mr. Incredible made this. Caprese Salad. OH my goodness. A little olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar...some fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato and of course..basil.
Can't let him outdo me. Not that I'm competing but dessert is my thing. I made lots of waffles (considering my superheros are coming home tomorrow..and how cool would it be to have some homemade waffles and ice cream tomorrow...they'll be glad they're home). So I tested it out and shared a sandwich with my man (in case you're watching your weight..these are lo-cal...that there is fat free frozen yogurt..1/2 cup..and we split it. Anyway, I think I was supposed to sprinkle it with powdered sugar..that's how they do it "down the shore" in New Jersey!

Alright. Here is my confession. I didn't do any school work, women's ministry work (except a few phone calls), I didn't work on Bagels & Blessings, I didn't clean my house (I didn't have to really), I didn't mow my lawn (very necessary by the way). Nope! None of it!

I did however, spend extended quiet time, read a book (still reading it), paint my nails, hung with some friends, talked with my man, held his hand, kissed a little (well maybe a lot) walked on the beach, walked on the river, baked some cookies, relaxed, did some shopping, watched Netflix, missed my superheros like crazy, and totally enjoyed every single bit of all of it! I can't wait to see them, and hug them...I can however wait to smell them. I'll be back to tons of laundry tomorrow.

Truth: I probably needed this time for many reasons...they probably did too! I've learned a lot..and yes..absence makes the heart grow fonder. Tomorrow we'll see how they feel about that!

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