Monday, May 10, 2010


I hope I didn't post a blog with that title yet! OH I used to be so good at this. Writing is what relieves my stress, organizes my thoughts and of course helps me to lay out my stones (book I'm writing). I went to my blog today and saw that the last date was April ashamed. I wrote on pruning. Oddly enough, tonight the breeze in blowing in my window and I can smell the sweet smell of jasmine from that very same bush that I pruned back in April. How wonderful to reap the benefits so soon.

I remember thinking that I was a conservative pruner and was asking God to not be conservative with me...I want to grow and blossom all I can for Him. I was encouraged to see the beauty of my jasmine even though I though I was conservative.

Well, the Lord has pruned me quite a bit this year, and it has been amazing. The journey, looking from the outside in, definitely could have appeared to be too overwhelming at times (who am I looked like that from the inside out too). However, mingled in with all of this learning that I did this past year, was the amazing face of my Father in Heaven. Bagels & Blessings has come to an end for the next 3 months. We will begin again in September. We never had less than 72 women there and we had up to 108 one month. Women got saved, healed and set free. I continue to stand in awe of God. So thankful that the Lord set this vision in my heart and prepared the way and people to make it happen. I had a wonderful group of ladies to serve by my side and we all used our gifts and watched God do His thing, month after month.

I have to say that preparing to speak each month, while I know that it was what God called me to do, it was much like giving birth every month. I literally, in every way had to live what I was teaching. On this side of it, I am eternally grateful. While going through it, I was absolutely exhausted.

So, I am now enjoying an extended Sabbath. A period of rest. And it feels wonderful. I still have all the balls I'm trying to juggle, but one by one I letting go of some.

I do not want any encumbrances as I follow the call of God on my life. So, if somethings doesn't say Lisa Engel on it, I really shouldn't be picking it up. For now, I pray and see what God has for Lisa. I fully intend on picking up my pen (scratch that), getting out my keyboard and journaling the many adventures of this Superhero Mom (Mom to superheros...NOT a super Mom!---just reminding everyone!)

It's good to be back!


mariki said...

Oh Lisa, how I would have loved to be in your ladies' group!

Enjoy your Sabbath.

Hi I'm Michelle said...

I have been so blessed to have been a part of B&B. I know the therapy in writing/typing and I know the therapy in taking time off so don't beat yourself up, seriously is a great title!! Glad you're back for a little while at least!