Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life, An Education...Part II

I know, I'm finally continuing with this story. From way back HERE! Actually, I think this is far more therapeutic. Three months later, I'm reliving the moments of my getaway! It was really glorious.
I want to say the Engels are outdoors people. We are, but we are not at the same time. We do have the most fun when we do spontaneous exploring in nature (however, my husband is convinced that I would never survive a camping trip...so he swears he will NEVER take me on one...sad right?). My son Kyle wants to be a zoo keeper, so any trip to the zoo is a wonderful experience. However, I think our time in the Everglades (blog to come) probably wins as the most amazing moments on our trip to south Florida! I digress...Miami Metro Zoo was really beautiful!

This being only our first full day in Miami (after arriving the night before)...we were really tired.
They were NOT!

We saw some amazingly beautiful birds and animals. It was breath taking!

Seriously, take a look at those paws. We really want a tiger!

I have to say, this was a lot of fun! Even I rode on the camel!
We left the zoo and hit the beach! See tomorrow!

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Hi I'm Michelle said...

Ahh I want a tiger too!! You could survive a camping trip, perhaps Mike doesn't want to cam- hehe. Remember when you didn't even like bugs, now you're out pruning bushes and going to the Everglades!! sniff, sniff, you're growing up so fast ;-)