Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life, An Education--Part III

That would be my boy Kyle at a shop in South Beach! We had so much fun just walking around and looking in all of the over priced shops. Yes, I did get a South Beach T-shirt.
The Art Deco section of town was really amazingly beautiful. My husband must have taken 30 pictures of various buildings (yawn)...make no mistake, they were beautiful, but I like people pictures.

Like this one...
This was new to us...falling coconuts...right out of the tree. Very cool! (it doesn't take much to thrill us!)

Ahhhh...Miami beach. Now, we live 5 minutes from the beach so this shouldn't be a big deal, but again, I want to state that the water in Miami was many shades of glorious blue!

There were some disturbing sights...the cross dresser was right in the middle of the was a tough decision...I just had to get a picture of the sign! So colorful--Miami!

Here was where we parked on the street. Of course...

this is where we waited for Daddy while he walked down the street to get some....

Starbucks. I know...we are so bad!
Tomorrow....The Everglades!

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Hi I'm Michelle said...

Finally more pics, and Jesus loves that cross-dresser too!! Glad you got the time to experience some South Florida!