Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Cute Things Kids Say

This is the conversation that my boys and I had in the car this week:

Shane: Mom, I am going to get you a blue teapot for your birthday! I wanted to get it for you for Christmas, but I just can't drive yet.

Kyle: I am going to get you jewelry...earrings and a necklace maybe...something gold.

Me: Well, I just love that you are thinking about me, but I really just love gifts from the heart, you know a nice picture, a precious note from you...homemade gifts --no need to spend a lot of money!

Kyle: Well, I know, I can make it cheap and just make you jewelry.

Brendan: I'm not going to tell you what I want to get, but it is $19.99 plus $12.00 shipping and handling and I'm pretty sure that Dad won't go for that!

My boys make me smile!


mariki said...


Aren't they just the best!

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Perhaps if one could drive they could cut down on the shipping costs! cute!