Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Note Read This Today...

..."As the Lord blesses us we want to bless you!" The voice on the phone last Saturday said this, "Can you come over on Sunday after church...I want to give you a lunch and a facial and just bless you!!" And the other note (from last month) said this: "You've been a blessing to us I'm so happy to send this!" And the note from a month and a half ago said this: "So proud of you girl, be blessed with these!"

You probably recognized the hand that wrote these notes right? Or the words on the other end of my phone conversation? Well, I know you cannot see the actual penmanship or hear the voice, but the words sound familiar right? Well of course, it's my Father.

Two weeks ago, Mike was let go from his job. Times are tough everywhere. This is not the first time he has been laid off, so we know how it works. We skipped right to the part where we 100% put our trust in our Father God and believe He would see us through! None of this doubting, none of this fearing...nope...just trusting! Whew...we finally got it! Mike is going back to school part-time to become a nurse. We are very excited that he is going down this path...we all feel like it is going to be a perfect fit for him! Meanwhile...he is looking for another job (a job in a hospital or nursing home or pharmacy would be great, but at this point...he has applied for every retail position in a 20 mile radius as well). We are confident that the Lord will make a way.

Meanwhile, in the past 2 months we have received so many blessings. Specifically just "love" blessings from people that had no idea we were now unemployed (some where preemptive...he still had a job and we received gifts from God. I actually got a box of clothes from a friend with pants and shorts my new size (after losing 45 lbs. I am running out of clothes). I know the people who have blessed us know who they are, but really, I know that they are God's hand extended from Heaven. God really just want to bless his children--you and me--He really does!

Thank you Lord for meeting our every need and blessing us with special moments, not just with finances or clothing, but with love and encouragement as well! Thank you Lord, for Your hand extended!


Michelle said...

We really are blessed to be the hands and feet of God and blessed to recieve what His hands do.
May you continue to keep your eyes on things above and be reminded treasure is being stored in heaven.
And you know me... free clothes ALWAYS rock the house, heck I love free anything!
My garden in yielding cucumbers so anythime, stop by to pick some.
love ya!

Deb said...

I love how how God uses people to bless us. But most of all I love being the channel He uses to bless. I believe we are the closest to God when we are being His hands and feet, that is when His spirit the the strongest in our lives..We are acting out His heart, the love He has for others.BUT, I must say when I am on the receiving end..and the need is filled perfectly..straight from God..its like a big old hug from our Father!THat is when I feel warm and secure..and safe. He knows all our needs, better than we know them ourselves!
Love ya Girl!

Michelle said...

Wait, see I had already read it and commented. Of course I read the whole post again and thought... I didn't comment on this?? Then I saw I did!!
I have to let you know that our BFF from high school, Justin, is a nurse and for whatever reason I love to call out to male nurses their name, so I will practice, Nurse Engel, Nurse Engel we have an emergency!!!