Saturday, September 19, 2009

First 4 Weeks of School

Even though I homeschool two of my three children, I do not want anyone to think for a moment that I don't "school" my Kyle! Yes, he is well cared for at his school, but we do a lot of "schooling" at home too. This is my Kyle...the most creative little boy I know. Let him spend some time alone and he comes up with this. The picture above is Kyle's art work. A boy with interchangeable faces. (check out his foot in the flip flop!) I have to crack up! My one friend told me it looked like a picture of someone raptured. HA!

This picture below is what Shane most recently made since studying Ancient Rome: this is Ancient Roman Bread Pudding. He and Brendan are eating it just like the Romans did...on their bellies lounging and laughing with food!

Here we are doing Physical Education! Not bad huh? And we get to do it with friends! (The bowling alley was practically empty)! We had a blast!

Now this is the way to start your morning off...This is Brendan doing devotions..every morning on his own! I love it! Eight years old and after 4 weeks he really misses it when he doesn't get to do it on Saturday or Sunday (he can...but he gets distracted...sound familiar?).
Since Mike is now unemployed, he got to bring them on their second field trip this year. They went to the Orlando Science Center for Homeschool Day! So much fun!
We learned about animals for the first couple of weeks in we made a Mocha Bear (I used espresso...and mmmmm...did it smell so good!)
Another thing we are trying to implement this year is giving them the freedom to cook. Here is Brendan making Salad for dinner. He makes amazing scrambled eggs and yesterday he and Shane looked for a recipe to make cookies from scratch. They made Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies. Brendan made the list, we shopped, and then Shane measured the dry ingredients, Brendan did the liquids and the mixer. The cookies were amazing.
We are having friends over tonight and we will be eating said cookies! Yippee!! Training up little husbands-to-be someday! So the first 4 weeks of school have been great for everyone!

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Michelle said...

For someone who isn't creative lots of creative things go on in your home!