Monday, December 22, 2008

On the 22nd Day of December....

....My day went something like this:
8 children playing
500 interruptions
345 cookies baked
24 cups of water
16 cups of Hawaiian Punch
5 bowls of Honey Combs
4 bowls of Mac-N-Cheese
4 bowls of spaghetti-Os
1 PBJ (sung like 5 golden rings)
2 bags of pretzels
Several bowls of Cheeze Nips
and a busted forehead on my son Shane.

Despite the chaos in my house today (and let me tell you there was major chaos) I managed to bake probably over 345 cookies (that doesn't count the cookies that those 8 children ate)! I had one of the most productive days ever. (Did I mention that I did two loads of laundry and had to run my dishwasher by 1:00pm!)I am very very sore....must get heating pad....I'll be back with another post tomorrow! Here are some pictures of my day!
This is what happens when we play with sticks!

Lots and Lots of cookies! These are just a few...I didn't have much time to take pictures today...I wonder why?

OH! And it wouldn't be a day with the Engels if we didn't get a shot of some strange critter. Here we have a lizard caught in the act of eating lunch. Lovely huh? Lizard eats worm! What fun!

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