Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas! Yea!! One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to play Christmas music. Then the next day we decorate our tree. This event is loaded with tradition (and we all know how much I LOVE tradition!). Since we were married on December 15th our wedding and one of our showers were loaded with Christmas ornaments. My mother-in-law made ornaments for our favors at our wedding. Every year since Mike was born, his Mom had purchased an ornament for him. She must have done this until I married him. For our first Christmas together as a couple, Mike had a box of ornaments from his past. Very special. Every ornament means something special to him. We decided to carry on this tradition of ornament giving when we got married. Every single year we would purchase an ornament for each other and one for us together. When we had children, we passed that on to them. Now, every year, their Meme gives them an ornament, and so do we and we also get a family ornament.

Many of my Christmas traditions come from spending so many of our Christmases with the Jonas family. Ornaments have always meant something special to them too and they are full of tradition in that home as well. When we decorate our tree we talk about every single ornament before it is placed on the tree. We remember who gave it to us and talk about the memories we share with those people. It is a very special time in our home.

Last year Kyle placed the angel on the tree, this year it was Shane's year. It is a huge deal! (I don't know why, but we play it up as some great honor!) So Shane was thrilled this year!

So now our stocking are hung.....also each stocking is very special (each one has a story behind it)!

And my PartyLite is on display! (one of the perks of being a former consultant!)

See, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We are just missing the salt...frosted windows....gray ice....ummmm.....we are not missing those things (just the white snow, sometimes) We love our palm trees and ocean!

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Anonymous said...

I must agree - it looks a lot like Christmas!! I forgot to take a picture of our makeshift Christmas tree on the farm!! There is few things as heart warming as the glow on children's faces when the Christmastree is made up, or any other fun filled family tradition is relived. I love Christmas!!