Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Empty Mall

It sure is a sign of the times when you can walk into the mall two weeks before Christmas and step right up to Santa and chat for a few minutes without anyone telling you to hurry and without having had to wait for an hour just to get a glimpse. True! The boys and I made our annual trip to the mall to see Santa, buy a few gifts and get a ride on the train and eat some ice cream. The boys each told Santa about one thing they wanted for Christmas. Shane of course had to ask Santa all of the hard questions......"Do you know Jesus?", "Did you fly over our house the other day to see if we were good or bad?" "Are you the real Santa?" We had a blast!
Ok, these are some of the AMAZING gingerbread houses that we voted on! Very Cool!

Ice Cream! YUM! I had the chance to talk to the lady in charge of the train ride and she said that many people have had their hours cut way back this year. People are just not shopping this year. Perhaps because so many do not have jobs, or are just struggling to make ends meet. My pastor spoke on shifting our focus to Christ's Presence this Christmas instead of Christmas presents. It was a great sermon...reminds us to put into perspective the real reason why we celebrate this season! So, bravo my young Shane in reminding Santa by asking..."Do you know Jesus?"


Barclay 5 said...

Hi Lisa,

Got home too late to call. It was a WAG reunion - fun,really!

I saw the lovely Kathy V. - miss her, and you, and Denise, and Stacey!

Thank you for praying. I so appreciate you.

Tracy ox

Amanda said...

Yes I think this Season in all of our lives is so much more important than whats at the mall to buy. Loved the pics thanks!

placeofgrace said...

Hi Lisa
Even here (the other side of the world) those signs of the times can be seen. It really seems as if much fewer people are buying things for christmas, I think people simply have less money to spend, or maybe they are more scared to delve into their credit facilities. In any case, the Santa in our mall had a real white beard (as in his own :) ). Only he looked a bit Jewish to me - I wondered how that came about...
Your Shane sure is a wise young man.

Enjoy the weekend