Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Do You Hold A Baby?

Sweet baby Kyle (look at those lips)
"God must have said, I know what I'll do, I'll send my LOVE right down there where they are. And I'll send it as a tiny baby, so they'll have to touch it, and they'll have to hold it close." Gloria Gaither

I read this quote the other day during my devotions...and thought...brilliant!

Having twins meant when you came to visit, you held a matter how young or old you were. :) There is something about a baby...that makes you want to smell their little heads, hold them close to your heart, let them wrap their tiny fingers around your finger. 

Baby "B" for my precious Brendan!
 This time of year we celebrate the birth of one special baby...Jesus.
My sweet friend Janet...look at the joy on her face!
Interesting how we only think of Jesus as a baby around this season. However, I think it is appropriate that most of the time..we dwell on Him as our Savior, the One who came to die for us; as our King, the One who continues to protect us and who will come again; and as our Lord, the One who deserves our worship!

My precious sister in Christ - Karen...the look of contentment and joy!
So, when I read that quote, I thought of all the people who held my babies. The smiles on their faces reflect some joy that is found from within. How would you have held the Christ Child?
Our very special Grandma, love, peace...
Up close, out at arms length, up to your chest, by your cheeks? It is hard to say. The real question is how do you hold Him today? Up close, out at arms length, cheek to cheek?

My boys at Christmas at 2001 - look at those faces! Kissable!

I believe the truth remains no matter what...when you hold the Lord close, spend time with Him, talk with Him...there is a joy and contentment that comes from within. Maybe that is the true key...holding Him close. I pray you hold Him close this Christmas...and until He comes again.

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