Monday, May 28, 2012

The Quickest 30 Days

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale 
I cannot believe the Month of May is over (well tomorrow it will be). Then I look at that picture and think how time has flown since last year. I remember when my parents use to tell me how time flies when you get older. Were they ever right about that. I really wanted to summarize our month of May, but God has been teaching me so much too...I may have to save my lessons from the Lord for another post or two. I use this blog to do several things (besides distract me from writing and publishing my book), primarily it is a place for me to journal my life, but it is also a place for me to sort my thoughts and record my lessons. Today...I'm simply going to journal our journey this past May!

 I love my life with boys. I really do! I grew up with sisters...this is so much more fun!! Typical day at our home! Little brothers just have a way of forcing you to post signs on your bedroom door!

 We had so many field trips in the month of May. We started at DeBary Hall. One of the best trips ever! So educational, so fun...for a museum!

 We went with other friends...which always makes it more exciting.
 Every Wednesday we try to focus on Missions, local or foreign. This particular day was very local, and very personal. We have a friend who is a teacher in the public school (her mission field) and she has just had a very difficult year. When my children woke up that morning, the white board greeted them with "Operation Spread Joy!" We were going to be purposeful in spreading joy to one of our dear friends. We prayed for her, made her cards, wrote her letters and finally picked up 3 of the most beautiful sunflowers and marched over to her school in the middle of the day to surprise her. She was indeed surprised. Mission accomplished!

 I continue to give guitar lessons to my 4 students. I love doing combines two of my passions...teaching and guitar!
 On the music note, I had to give in to the fact that my children we're not all going to love the same kind of music as me. My youngest son has a "rock" sense that I never had. I could try to force him to listen to my kind of praise and worship, or let music minister to him...the way it it ministers to him!
 Took my dog out for a really long run one was too long for him. Had to call for Dad to come and rescue him...he clearly needs a 10K app! Speaking of 10K...I have completed that goal (check) and can run 6 miles in 61 minutes.
 Dentist appointments! Not Shane's favorite thing to do by any means!
This was so much fun! My great friend Tammy and I and the "girls"...she lets me hang with them because this is the only "girl" time I get...went to see Jamie Grace, Mandisa and Laura Story in concert!!!  What a blast!! Unforgettable night really!!

 Here we are on our way to the DeLand Courthouse to participate in the National Day of Prayer! What an honor to stand before God and man, to pray for our nation and to read God's word out loud! His Word never comes back void. Here are my children reading through the book of front of anyone and everyone passing by.

 To hear the prayers of children...there is nothing quite like it! You can read more about this particular event here.

 Our future leaders of America!
 We went out to this really great spot in DeLand!! YUM! Oh and we brought our best buddy Jacob with us too!!!
 More guitar lessons. I love this girl! We have totally formed a precious relationship that I'm ever so thankful for! She makes my heart smile. We'll be making more summer memories together this summer! Can't wait!!
 Fun times with girl friends!! Shoe shopping with my best friend! She makes me move out of my comfort zone..and I'm so thankful for her! NO I did not buy those shoes...I could barely walk or stand up for that matter!!
 One of the best days Gemini Springs! Jacob came along...but the focus was for my sweet dog Dodger! There is the best Dog park here. Tons of property where dogs can run leash free!! OH we tuckered him out that day!!

Absolute beauty all around!! We took trails, got lost and just had a great time. Kyle did inform me that he was not a fan of summer, spring, winter or fall. (He doesn't like getting a little lost...and it was hot that day!)
We saw two alligators...nice and close up! I love see gators in the wild!

 Trips to Dairy Queen!
 Watching the super moon from the beach! Beautiful night!

Still baking...I think these were sweet potato muffins. 
 This was something you don't see everyday...a ringed neck snake in my washing machine. (I love snakes too)...I find them fascinating!
 Great great time at the Holland Family Farm. We went blueberry picking! What a great adventure!!

 We ate until we were stuffed. They said..they weigh the buckets..not the feel free to eat!
 6 1/2 pounds later...we had such a great time!
 Then there was my trip to Kentucky with these two! We had such a great time traveling together!
 My sweet friend Karen's house! OH so much went on here...I'm gonna save the details for another post! On the way home...we sat right next to each other! So much laughing!!
Came home in time for Mother's Day! Which was just perfect! Of course this was the first year Mr. Incredible didn't have his we had a special memorial to her on that day. 

There were Downtown Disney trips in May like every month. Another field trip to the Florida Agricultural Museum (my husband took the boys on this the pictures are still on his camera.) I might be able to get him to write a little entry about this trip. ;)

Here we are on Memorial Day. We getting ready to go out the door and visit our Pop's burial spot. He was a veteran...we miss him every day. Life is totally different without him...but we remember him in our hearts and thank God for the opportunity to be with him and make tons of memories with him while he was alive!

Memorial Day...let's remember our service men and women...let's also remember to make memories with the ones we love.

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