Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside

My boys are currently learning about weather and keeping a weather journal in their science studies. I'm pretty excited that we started here and we've had some "interesting" weather since the beginning of our school year. As a Floridian (native or not) I think we cannot help but become "obsessed" with the weather. It there a hurricane, tropical storm or a tornado? Is there flooding? Is there a fire hazard due to drought? Is there red tide going on right now? How is the beach erosion? At least there is always something to talk about! Anyway, this has been passed on to my children and Brendan in particular loves to watch the weather channel. So to lighten things up, (and it was for his assignment today) Brendan has prepared the weather report for today Friday, September 5th (with the help of Shane, of course!) Enjoy!


Amanda said...

That is so stinking cute oh my. I LOVED IT! Were so doing that this weekend. I love you.

Barclay 5 said...

I am thinking of you, and praying. You are the most sensitive person I know. My heart breaks for Kyle, too.

This is a tough one. If Kyle will be best served at school then maybe some other special time could be arranged - like some enrichment work to be done with you at home, or a special activity for just you two. What if the boys all did their homework together? Does Kyle need to be transfered to the other 1st grade? Maybe being with the teacher he knows will eliminate some of Kyle's concerns so that he can focus his energy on work.

I will continue to think and pray. You are a great mom, always searching for ways to better serve your boys. And, Kyle is a brave boy - I couldn't be prouder!

Love to you, Tracy Catherine XO