Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids Quotables!

Not much time to be on my computer these days. Having to homeschool all day and then having to share my PC with my children only allows me to get minimal computer time. Which is fine. Here is a short one (I know your thinking....RIGHT?!....it is true this time!)

Little quotes from my little men:

Shane setting the table: "Is this fork for a kid or a human?"

Brendan after reading 6 chapters so he could get to the end of his book: "Mom, go easy on me today, I have crowded my brain with lots and lots of words already this morning!"

Kyle frustrated with Dad for making him get dressed in the morning to go to school: "Daddy Donald Engel...What in the world are you trying to do to me!! I CANNOT wear this shirt!!"

Shane sitting down bouncing his left leg quickly: "Mom look, I can hold a baby now!" (He must see babies being bounced a lot!)

Shane sitting front row in church on Sunday with Mike and I during communion - (kinda loud): "That is Jesus blood and you are GOING TO DRINK THAT STUFF! -- (Yea, it was his first time sitting in for communion - there I was in the front row having to explain all about communion and NO it was grape juice!)

Kyle frustrated again, this time with his brothers: "No one wants to play with me! My brothers won't play, my mother won't play, it is no fun playing with me!" (When I told him what he said, he laughed....."I mean it is too fun playing with me!!"

While reading the story of the Princess and The Frog, I read the part where the young girl has a wicked stepmother and how she was so mean, she made the girl do horrible chores and bring water from the well with a sieve (I demonstrated to show how hard that would be). We finished the story and I made Shane finish his chores (empty trash from bathroom)....he did it, but not without this comment..."You can be just like the wicked stepmother sometimes"........and from the peanut gallery this was heard (Brendan)...."Hahahaha that was classic Shane simply classic!"

Where do these kids come up with this stuff!


Allison said...

So cute!!!

Monica Kaye said...

These are awesome! Oh the funny things they think and say. My Delaney saw my engagement ring on our dresser and asked, "Mom, did this cost two months salary?" I wondered where in the world she got that! I asked her if she knew what a "salary" was and she replied, "Yes, it's a long green vegetable!" Blessings to you and yours today.

Barclay 5 said...

I just love those boys. And for the record, I have been accused of step-mother's ways, too!

Love to you today, Tracy

Barclay 5 said...

Just saying HI. Thinking of you and lifting a prayer. Love to you, Tracy XO