Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When We're Wobbly

I haven't skated in over 30 years. Last week was the first time and I had the time of my life. I'm still waiting to fall although I pray before I go out there that I don't. Tonight my husband actually joined us on the floor, I'm so proud of him.

As I skated around today (I haven't remembered how to stop, actually it is quite possible I never learned how to stop!) I noticed a few things that made me smile.

My children are so courageous. I know they are boys, and they are young, but really, I'm so proud of them. They really are my superheros! They all put skates on for the first time last week and now look forward to going every week! Watching them is part of the fun for me! All so different in personalities.

Shane, my youngest and most athletic, he is so incredibly determined to conquer this. Last week was his first time EVER on skates. This week he could go around the entire rink in 40 seconds. Wobbly? Yes! Did he fall? Lots! Did he get back up?...YES! He is amazing! It won't be long...he'll be out skating his Mom!

Kyle, who didn't walk until he was well over year old, still holds on to the wall quite a bit, but for it only being his second week...he was seriously doing great! He has totally conquered the carpet and could have kept going even after an hour and a half of skating! He is so proud of himself..and that makes me smile! I couldn't be more proud. He and his sweet friend Reese skated around together and encouraged one another! I could eat them up they were so precious!

Then there is Brendan. He is my tallest child and my most cautious! He only fell once tonight. He wanted to give up, but I'm proud to say he didn't! He skated until the very end. One of his best friends is such a great skater, he is one of the reasons why we go on Tuesdays now. Brendan misses his friend Chase! I watched the two of them tonight. My how they have both changed since kindergarten - in some ways, but in some ways not (that makes me smile!)! I love these boys! Chase was so sweet to skate with Brendan and they caught up and talked (the benefit of Chase being such a good skater is that he can skate backwards and carry on a complete conversation)! I just love everything about it!

Then there is the reason I skate every week now.

This woman came into my life seven years ago, when our boys were in kindergarten together. I have to say, it has been a God inspired friendship, and I'm so thankful for the blessing it has been. We both have boys, she gets to have a bonus girl on occasion, you can see her blog at My Blended Recipe, but I love her so much! Our boys have been special friends all of these years and we've been able to walk through each others storms, and miracles, one after another. Watching the Lord work in this woman's life has been such a blessing to me - I have watched her faith walk grow by leaps and bounds in the past 7 years..it has been such an honor. We have so many many memories of times of prayer together...WOW! We've called each other for encouragement in homeschooling we just do life very similarly...I'm so thankful I get to have her in my life.

I watched her skate with her boy today and as she held his hand, I was reminded that that is what we're called to do for each other. Sometimes, we get wobbly legs during our faith walk...those are the exact moments when a sister can come along side and take your hand. I do hope that I am that way to others. I feel like part of who God has called me to be is someone who loves enough to stand next to you, cover you a little until you get steady enough to find the next person to help. Discipleship. I love that there are women in my life to help steady me, to pray for me, to love me right where I'm at! To remind me of who I am in Christ and to encourage me in my walk. Whatever the walk! Homeschooling, weight loss, parenting, faith...whatever the walk we're walking, it is always good to have someone to come along and encourage you once in awhile.

I have that with my weight loss journey too. There are two pretty special women in my life that I drive to Weight Watcher with (and one that meets us at the meeting). I wouldn't want to do this without them. Last week, we sat in our meeting missing our friend Ann who just broke her knee a few weeks back. Michelle took a picture of Beth and I to send to Ann to show her some love and let her know we miss her! You know what I love about them...it is the same thing I noticed about our boys tonight...there is no competition, just flat out encouragement. Even while some are succeeding faster than others (or can skate better than others) there has never been a feeling of competition. Competition has its place, but when we're walking these kinds of walks, its better just to have a non judgmental, loving friend to stand beside you and encourage you on your walk! OH I love it!

Who can you encourage today? Be mindful of the fact that just because someone seems to wear a smile and "have it all together", does not mean they don't need a word of encouragement too.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 
 1 Thessalonians 5:11


Aleatha said...

You have held my hand for so long now I don't know what I would do if you ever let go - so DON"T!! Our families have been placed together for a mighty reason and I thank God for that. Your boys, all three of them, are so special to Chase and Reese!

Michelle said...

You are both super special women and I have enjoyed being encouraged by you both. So glad you guys are all skating together!! What fun. Blessings