Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Menu for The Week #3

Ahh...so little time....so much to write about! I promise to update soon. So much is happening in the Engel home right now..it is very exciting.

The menu this week:

Monday: 4 points for 3 oz meat, 3 points for small yam = 7 point dinner
5 Spice London Broil

Tuesday: 3 points for 1 1/2 cups of soup!
Pasta Fagioli

Wednesday: 4 points for a hefty burger, 1 point per 1 cup of potato sticks, 1 point for bun = 6 point dinner (salad dressing must be measured and calculated)
Turkey Burgers
Spiced potato Sticks

Thursday: 4 points per meatloaf, 3/4 cup garlic mashed is 3 points = 7 point dinner
Mini Meatloaves
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans

Friday: See above for points
Leftover Mini Meatloaves from Thursday

Did you notice?... NO CHICKEN!!

OK..so no one person responded or wanted a recipe. Did you try the pork chops? They were great! If you haven't tried them you might want to. They were moist and delicious!

This week our family favorite is 5 spice London broil. London broil is often on sale (B1G1) and we just love grilling!! Also, the garlic mashed potatoes taste like you are seriously cheating! No kidding!

Leave your comments if you would like a recipe! I will leave it next Monday!
Happy Healthy Eating!


Whitney said...

mmm...that all sounds so yummy, and there was no chicken...lol. Way to point out that you can still have yummy comfort food and still eat well. I think people forget that when they "diet".

Bev Sessoms said...

Lisa, I would like the 5 spice London Broil, Yams, turkey burgers, mini meat loaf. I am still going, but had to move it to Mon. @ 7:30 am. Doing well, down 8 lbs. Loving my veggies. IT is working! Love and miss you.Bev